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We offer legal services in many areas of the law

Often legal matters can be a source of great stress. Many times we're able to help our clients relax because the team at Cavanaugh-Bill Law Office will take on the burden of legal matters for them. In many cases the legal support we provide makes all the difference in the outcome of our clients' cases. When you need a law office that can handle a wide variety of legal matters we are here to help. If you're involved in a matter that demands legal action we'll help you make sure that you have the fullest extent of the law on your side. 

At Cavanaugh-Bill Law Office we have a team with experience in many different practice areas. From civil law to family law, criminal law, and Indian affairs, we will provide you with the right attorney for your case in the Elko, NV area.

Native American/Tribal Law

Elko, Nevada and the surrounding area is home to a significant Native American population. Legal issues with tribal courts and/or issues of federal indian law can be confusing and difficult to handle. This is an area of law to which we at Cavanaugh-Bill Law Offices is strongly committed. If you need a consultation or representation in the area of tribal law let us make sure you understand your legal rights. We will make sure you achieve the best possible outcome. Call us in Elko today to discuss protecting your rights against any adversary, big or small, private or public!

Family law

Family law is often difficult for all parties involved regardless of the situation. Child custody, bankruptcy, paternity, abuse and divorce can all be emotional and very personal. At Cavanaugh-Bill Law Offices we will handle your case with the respect, discretion, and care that all of the parties involved deserve. Our law office is experienced in all facets of family law and work with the courts in the Elko area to ensure our clients have the best representation and outcomes possible.

Criminal law

Criminal law can be confusing, mysterious, complex and frightening. Being accused of a crime, or, being a victim of a crime are serious matters. At our law office we help our Elko clients navigate these often confusing and intricate areas of the law. At Cavanaugh-Bill Law Offices, we are here to help our clients wade through the legalities, protect their rights, and come to the best resolution to their criminal legal issues.
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